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Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just drop me an email or call and
I will do my best to answer any further questions you may have.

I live in the town Salem in the picturesque ‘Bodensee’ area (Lake of Constance). I mostly work in the larger ‘Bodensee’ area, including areas in the neighbouring countries Austria and Switzerland as well as Baden-Württemberg. However, I’m happy to travel a bit further, for example if you wish a multilingual ceremony.

As described in my ‘About’ section, I have lived in different countries and hence offer multilingual ceremonies in German, English, French and Portugese.

For the service of the design, structure and content of the wedding ceremony it will cost you 800,- € VAT included.

Additional costs are travel expenses (based on a kilometre flat-rate) for the priliminary talks.

I will provide an invoice detailing each component.

We start with a first appointment (usually about 6 months before the wedding) which is initially without commitment. In our first meeting we will come to an agreement.

Now we can start planning the details: from a pool of ideas we can pick elements for the ceremony, e.g. the proceedings, wedding symbols, vows, ring ceremony, music, speeches of members of your wedding party etc..

I will create a plan with all agreed details and will send you the documents. About 6 weeks before the wedding we will meet a second time to talk through the plans (if you prefer this can be done via video call).

If you wish, we can have a rehearsal before the big day, or just go ahead with the well-planned ceremony on the day.

I am confessed Protestant Christian and have throughout my life passed the sacraments of christening, confirmation, church marriage and christening of my children.

For your wedding you decide which cultural influences you want to include in your ceremony. Your story and background will determine how we design.